For who ?

You want to associate your brand with a recognizable style, make your workplace pleasant, or create a space dedicated to a particular function. For that, you want to be able to visualize the decorative bias and the modifications, proposed in agreement with your expectations and your needs, and to understand what the new choices imply.

My proposition

This service allows supporting you in your approach to offer a decoration adapted to your brand, its DNA, its strengths, its constraints. You benefit from the following elements :

A 1/50 or 1/20 (W & B) plan to visualize a new distribution of space (zoning).

zoning appartement montagne

A plan and a cut 1/50 or 1/20 (2D in W & B) to visualize the location of the furniture most adapted to the space (which can be yours or a suggestion more appropriate), thought in order to optimize the circulation, visually enlarge, release congested or poorly arranged areas.

plan 2d maroquinerie

A board of atmosphere to have a glimpse of the new space arranged and decorated.

planche ambiance salon maison campagne

An overall layout of the different elements – top view – in 3D (image made with 3D software, 3D by hand is optional).

vue 3d implantation globale dessus maroquinerie

A perspective view to immerse you in your new interior (image made with 3D software, 3D by hand is optional).

vue 3d intérieur maroquinerie

A shopping list (list of materials, colors and accessories recommended) associated with the signs where you can find them and their rates, in the budget.

shopping list accessoires restaurant

A word from Elisa

“It’s all about providing you all the essentials to complete your project, a turnkey formula that aims to make your life easier by creating for you, so that you only have to worry about the realization with the professionals of your choice. Any modification or additional request incurs additional costs to you.”

vue 3d séjour cuisine maison campagne

Example of a 3D view

To sum up, this service includes :

  • A visit with statements on site (2h)
  • A prescriptive note
  • An atmosphere’s board
  • A 1/50 or 1/20 technical plan W & B with zoning
  • A 1/50 or 1/20 technical plan W & B including the furniture
  • A technical cut 1/50 or 1/20 W & B including furniture
  • A site plan
  • A perspective view (3D software)
  • A detailed shopping list
  • An account illustrated by email
  • A visit to introduce the project (1h)
  • On estimation