You want to give a strong identity image to your brand or customize your business environment, I propose 3 offers, presented here. Make your choice according to your project, and discover just below the progress of a typical service described in detail.
Contact me and find a suitable date together to meet us.

PPS without works’ description

plan technique couleurs + mobiliers
On estimation
A proposal adapted to your brand
Your valued identity image
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PPS with works’ description

vue 3d implantation globale dessus bureaux professionnels
On estimation
An efficient and complete study
Increase efficiency !
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Tailored service

bureaux professionnels vue en perspective
On estimation
Choose your options
And customize your formula
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Conduct of a service

I move to the place to study (local, reception area, offices, shop, etc …) to discuss with you about your expectations, your requirements and your budget (travel up to 50 km, overhead costs).

We discuss together about the choice of the most adapted service according to your needs.

I realize an accurate and complete statement (taking ribs, sketches, photos, analysis of the place) that will serve me as a basis for my work.

I ask you a payment of 120 € (in the case of an appointment up to 50 kms, overhead costs) that corresponds to my trip home and closes our first interview.

After that…

Under 2 days, I send you by mail a detailed estimate presenting the appropriate service to the specifications that we have defined together and to the surface area(s) room(s) to highlight.

Three options are available to you :

You validate the estimate by paying 60% of the total amount indicated (the 120 € paid upstream are deducted from the amount remaining due), which seals our collaboration and checks the starting of my creative research upon receipt of payment. The balance (40%) will be paid upon the return of the final report (count a period of 7 to 10 days depending on the chosen service).

You refuse the proposition and ask for another estimate for a different service, which you accept: the conditions are the same as for the first option.

You refuse the proposition, in which case our collaboration doesn’t continue.

Be careful : rates are applied for a room of area <20 m², increase for a room of area >20 m², sliding scale from the second room.
NB : I can work remotely from plans and photos, sent by email. In this case, the 90 € corresponding to the study of your file are to pay in order to validate the analysis and the assumption of responsibility.
espace accueil professionnel
aménagement salle de réunion