For Who ?

You want to go further in the visualization of the project, to have plans or additional 3D views, or you want me to be present during your purchases?

My proposition

This service offers tailor-made options adaptable to all requests. The options are :

Additional materials and colors’ board

planche matériaux et accessoires bureaux d'entreprise

Clean up an existing plan

plan technique existant maison de campagne

Colored technical plan

plan technique couleurs + mobiliers

Technical plan 1/100

plan technique maison de campagne

Additional perspective view (3D software)

bureaux professionnels vue en perspective

3D handmade view

vue 3d salon appartement montagne

Realization of plans for tailored furniture and/or accessories

conception mobilier prestation sur mesure

Shopping accompaniment

sac shopping délidéco

Illustrated paper report

compte rendu illustré papier

Descriptive list of work to be done by lot (masonry, electricity, plumbing, etc.)

description des travaux par lot

A word from Elisa

“This is a way to give you the opportunity to create a personalized service according to your desires, which can be added to the standard services offered or be completely composed by you, for you.”

vue 3d séjour cuisine maison campagne

Example of a 3D view

To sum up, this service includes :

  • Options to choose
  • Price : on estimation